Chiropractic Testimonials

“The adjustments have relieved my shoulder pain as well as back pain. I have a more consistent feeling of freedom of movement in my joints.”

- Betty

“His adjustments have restored free movement to my shoulder and been of incredible help for whiplash injuries in my neck.”

- Pat

“Since starting supplements and Chiropractic adjustments four weeks ago, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in appetite, energy level and a reduction in back, neck and head pain.”

- Marybeth

“In less than three months of treatment I am almost completely free of pan from arthritis, plus my range of movement is increasing. I can do things with my arm that I have not done in almost a year.”

- Phil

“My problem was chronic headaches. I had a headache everyday for seven years before seeing Dr. Nikitow. The headaches are totally gone.”

- Linda

“As a teenager, I contracted polio. It affected the nerves on my left side, my left leg and thigh had permanent damage. After only five months, for the first time in over 30 years, the nerves in my left leg are responding.”

- Janice

“I’m 12 and for three years had quick but very painful headaches. Then, after only two Chiropractic sessions, they went away.”

- Adam

“I had a horrible gall bladder attack a couple months ago and was told I needed immediate surgery to remove the bladder. My brother told me to come visit Dr. Nikitow before surgery. A liver flush, adjustments and special diet plan began immediately. I feel great and didn’t have to undergo surgery!”

- Gail

“I had severe headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain, tendonitis and carpal tunnel symptoms in both arms. After three months of adjustments, the headaches, shoulder and back pain, and symptoms in both arms went away.”

- JoLane

“10 years of Chiropractic: 5 different Chiropractors with no results until I Found Dr. Nikitow. I finally met a Chiropractor that ended my pain forever.”

- Chandler

“After 5 visits my eye sight began to improve, and after 15 visits I could read without my glasses.”

- Perret

“Several visits to MD’s numerous rounds of medications and anti-inflammatories didn’t seem to help. After 3 to 4 adjustments my ear pain is gone and feeling great.”

- Michael

“At 4 years old my daughter was on 3 types of breath inhalers. After Chiropractic care she shows no signs or symptoms of asthma.”

- Marcia

“After 22 years of Fibromyalgia Dr. Nikitow provided the only real improvement.”

- Geri

“I have had Scoliosis since childhood; MD’s, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists and other Chiropractors told me my neck, back and shoulder pain can be symptomatically relieved but not corrected. After 4 months with Dr. Nikitow my neck went from 17 degrees to 25 degrees and pelvic rotation were corrected. I’m as strong as can be.”

- Lisa

“Having severe abdominal pain, being very irregular and having several medical tests and medications I still had pain and no results. After 3 days of adjustments I was myself again and able to work with no pain.”

- Francis

“After playing for the Broncos for the past 11 years started losing strength in my left arm. After coming to Dr. Nikitow my strength is back to normal. Now that’s results!”

- Steve

“I have not needed to take ANY Tylenol or Motrin, and even began sleeping solidly for 6-8 hours a night without interruption.”

- Mike

“Within a few visits to Dr. Nikitow, the pain or symptoms were gone, and they began treating the actual skeletal structural problems. I haven’t felt better in years.”

- Sam

“No headaches, no pain, no stiffness, no fatigue!”

- Valerie

“I had such severe lower back pain that I could not sit, stand or sleep… I began treatments and after 2 weeks I had no pain! I could even exercise again.”

- Jill

“My Name is Brian. I play for the New York Yankees and my lower back and neck began to get stiff and sore… I have been going for three months and my lower back and neck feel great!”

- Brian

“I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone, not as a cure , but as a way to maintain health.”

- Peter

“I now know how to maintain my spine I order to maximize lifetime well being.”

- Lisa

“I was taking 3 medications by inhalers daily… I have not touched an inhaler since September 30th 1998.”

- Jamie

“It took only 3 days for me to be myself again, I was a new person. I didn’t have any more pain or headaches. Again, thanks for giving me a new life.”

- Francis

“After 6 months of treatment I can say my migraines have virtually disappeared.”

- Sara

“I no longer have any headaches or lower back pain; my hearing has been restored… overall I feel 10 years younger.”

- Valerie

“In approximately four weeks, I am now pain free, and can indulge in any activities I wish with no fear.”

- David

“ I actually look like I have life back in me. But, the best thing is I feel like it too!”

- Sherri

“I used to get headaches everyday and also stomach pains. Food always made me ill…I hardly ever have headaches, and I now enjoy food.”

- Bobbi

“My headaches have diminished greatly and I am not as tired all the time.”

- Michele

“My Endometriosis was so painful that gynecologists were urging me to have a hysterectomy… after having adjustments, all signs of Endometriosis are gone.”

- Harriet

“I couldn’t sleep for 3-4 days at a time each week. I have been able to sleep and really feel stress free.”

- Wayne

“I feel great, get sick less, have more energy and enthusiasm than I ever did.”

- Neal

“… in the first 2 weeks I could already tell an improvement with my back pain. I was having days without pain. I couldn’t remember the last time I could say that.”

- Cathy

“I had fatigue and would have two or three naps a day. I had headaches, an ear infection, a messed up immune system, diabetes, enlarged prostate, varicose veins, aching feet, and problems with my stomach. I used to have lots of back pain, it is all gone,”

- Lennart

“… Also, my golf game has improved tremendously.”

- Dustie

“Within days after I started getting adjustments I was sleeping through the night without pain:”

- Doug

“… my handicap went down six strokes because my balance is better.”

- Sammy

“Within a month after treatment by Dr. Nikitow and associates, the strength and mobility started returning to my arm and shoulder and the numbness was almost gone.”

- Elmer

“I also had occasional symptoms of irregular heartbeat. These symptoms went away after about 2 months of treatment.”

- Carl

“…My “flu bug” lasted 24 hours instead of going on for 2 weeks solid, My immune system is much stronger.”

- Connie

“After 3 months, Evan is no longer dependant on drugs to control his breathing.”

- Evan

“His back, legs ad ankles were painful for years and seemed to be worsening. Within weeks, he began to walk up stairs with out pain.”

- Ginger

“I was suffering from severe headaches on a daily basis. Since the first adjustment I have not had the need for an aspirin.”

- Paul

“I used to have a headache almost everyday… I don’t have any more headaches.”

- Even

“I had no doubt that if I went to my family physician, I would be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome… I have strength in my hands, the numbness is gone, and the pain has greatly lessened.”

- Sylvia

“I haven’t had a serious sinus infection for over 3 years, and I haven’t used or needed antibiotics.”

- Henry

“…After 6 months, I can stand almost perfectly straight. I have very little pain and feel like a new woman.”

- Ginger

“2 years ago I began feeling fatigued and depressed… After 6 weeks I felt alert, involved and enthusiastic about life.”


“Zoeh now communicates and speaks like a normal child… This is by far the single best thing we did for Zoeh.”

- Kelly

“The pediatrician prescribed 3 types of breath inhalers a day. Since coming to chiropractic she does not take any medications and has no more symptoms of asthma.”

- Marcia

“We know that an adjustment is the #1 line of defense for an ear infection.”

- Mary

“The quality of my life has so greatly improved…”

- Valerie

“After my 15th visit, I began to read without my glasses!”

- Perret-Jacques

“I am finally experiencing real results.”

- Jess

“I have had Fibromyalgia for 22 years… I’ve had much less pain, much greater mobility, and the improvement continues.”

- Jean

"The best, most knowledgeable, beyond capable doctor I have ever received care from !!! His jokes are a little funny too."
- Lois K.

"I have been seeing Dr. Nikitow for over 20 years now and he has literally changed the way I view health. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has a deep concern for each and everyone of us patients. His staff is so warm and welcoming as well. Highly recommend him!!!!!!"
- Nora A.

"Dr. Nikitow Rocks!! Our family has been seeing him for over a year and has changed our lives. He is so nice and genuinely cares about his patients. He wants to work with you and give you the best quality of life possible. I cannot tell you how much better we all feel!! I recommend him to everyone I know!!"
- Carolyn C.



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