Patient Testimonials

Our Englewood, CO patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. Nikitow and Nikitow Chiropractic Wellness Center!



Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Vision Problems


Staff Member

I was taking handfuls of prescriptions for migraines. I have not taken a pill since seeing Dr. Nikitow!  My migraines are completely gone and my spine is aligned as evidenced by XR.  My vision, energy, anxiety, and depression have all improved!
Ulcerative Colitis


Staff Member
I was having 20 bloody bowel movements a day and lost 50 lbs from ulcerative colitis.  Dr Nikitow showed me how my spine was out of alignment blocking nerves to my colon damaging cells and causing inflammation.  I felt better immediately following the first adjustment!  He changed my diet and aligned my spine and I have gained 40 lbs back and feel better than I have ever felt in my life! Thank you Dr N!
Severe Sleep Apnea and Migraines
Staff Member
I had two surgeries for sleep apnea one where they cut my throat and screwed my tongue back which didn't work.  Next they wanted to break my jaw and the bones in my face to move them forward.  Instead I saw Dr Nikitow who said my neck was severely out of alignment causing these problems.  After only two months of treatment, my migraines and sleep apnea are GONE and my quality of life has dramatically improved!! Thank you sooo much!!
Dysfunctional arm and leg from Severe Electrocution
Staff Member

Electrocution of 240 volts left me legally handicapped and in severe pain, without full use of the left side of my body including my arm, leg, and neck. I was given pain killers and PT which did not help and I kept deteriorating.  After seeing Dr. Nikitow, I now have full use of my arm and leg and my body is working in unison again.  Dr Nikitow truly  cares, and NEVER gives up, where I gave up on myself because all of the other doctors just told me I would have to live with it!  I am a NEW person and to hear my daughter say "WOW. Daddy is back!" That's BIG!

Could Hardly Walk Because of Hip and Low Back Problems, and Burning Neck Pain
Staff Member

I showed up to Dr Nikitow's office with two canes and could barely walk. I've been to chiropractors but they were NOT Nikitow!  I now walk normaly without canes, my neck feels great, and my health is much better overall.  Dr Nikitow's approach is 100 degrees different than any other chiropractor I have ever seen! I am so grateful!  Now my wife, kids, grand kids, and neighbors ALL come to him!