Corporate Programs - Sample Topics

Sample Topics:

Secrets to beating stress and Living Healthier

This is far and away our most popular lecture; it dives into different types of stress e.g.  Physical, Chemical and Emotional. We show how the body reacts to these stresses especially the toll it takes on the nervous system. This lecture discusses each of these stresses and ways to overcome each type of stress by addressing the physical side to health care as well as nutritional components.

Carpal Tunnel and Double Crush Syndrome

New research on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome reveals that it is really from Double Crush Symdrome. Learn the truth about how to correct and prevent this common syndrome WITHOUT SURGERY. Computer workstation set up and mirco-break exercises will be provided.

Wellness Secrets and The FOUR Essentials to Health

There are four main essentials everyone should know to maximize health potential and prevent illness and injury. Once you know the four essentials to increase your overall health potential your life will change dramatically.

Peak performance

Learn the secrets to increase your performance at work, home and in life.